I help you
build the things you would
if you weren't so worried about how "they" will see you.
i want in!

If at every decision point of your life you weren't interrupted by spiraling thoughts about how you'll be perceived,


Think about what it would be like to no longer act on the self-doubt whenever you're ready to step into new levels - with YOUR name on it.

Imagine who you would be UNINTERRUPTED.

Maybe you believe deeply in your ability to create the impact you desire … but don't feel audacious enough to go out and do it on your own authority.

Perhaps there’s a split between the expertise in - and passion for - your work and the constant fear of rejection your brain keeps insisting on because you don't know where to fit in or how to talk about your work.

People would say you're successful, that you've got it all … and yet you feel "not good enough", numb and disconnected from yourself and what you really want.

Maybe you’ve been a silent spectator of your life, running on autopilot and chasing SHOULDs and you're now ready to start intentionally CREATING the reality you want. Or you’ve been running in circles working towards BUILDING your vision but feel stuck with no results to show and don't understand how to get out of your own head.

Either way - you feel dejected and exhausted.

Sounds familiar?

Ok, so here's a fun fact:

Brains will be braining.

The great news is that nothing's gone wrong; BUT ALSO - you don't have to feel that way.

Keeping yourself small takes a lot more energy than expanding into exactly as BIG as you know you are.

Opting for staying stuck keeps pre-emptively cancelling out all the difference you’re so eager to make in your life and business.

And we're not here for it.

So let’s get you connected with yourself and your BIGness.

So you can be fully YOU.

With maximum capacity to go for what you WANT.

With EASE.


Getting you onboard with exactly ALL of your vast Self. An edited-out version of you will only keep you running yourself into the ground.

And the one difference between allowing the default anxiety to stop you from bringing your vision to life and showing up with power and purpose - is managing your mind.

That’s what this space is all about-

Unearthing *your* good-good that’s hidden under layers of social conditioning and trauma,

and transforming the self-critical thoughts that have been keeping you trapped in the "miserable maybe" into stepping stones to your NEW LEVELS.

“Through working with you, I really tapped into my authentic self, and the power of that. You helped me discover the way I wanted to approach my marketing on a daily basis. It was just incredibly empowering. Because I started feeling really disempowered and a lot of self-doubt and a lot of anxiety around that. You helped me really notice when I was freezing up and what was going through my brain. Then I was able to really start teasing out what I really wanted and what I really wanted to feel. It was interesting how it changed. So that by the end of our work together, I felt totally aligned and comfortable with myself and comfortable with the process of something that is inherently I think, really uncomfortable, which is showing up authentically.The ripple effects have been big. I've not only been using the tools that I that I came up with, with your coaching, but there's also been a lot of positive effects in my business.”

-Lesley P.

This work is NOT about repeating empty affirmations in front of your mirror and covering up your emotions with false gratitude.

I teach you self-directed neuroplasticity to (literally) rewire your brain so you can embody your desired life rooted in abundance, cojones, and FUN.

I help you access your unconscious mind using integrative rapid-change techniques rooted in neural principles and based on the latest research in Neuroscience.

My craft consists of holding space for you to (dis)solve uninteresting problems - like staying trapped by fears and SHOULDs - so you can solve much more interesting ones - those that take you to your most burning WANTS.

It’s mind-blowing work.

It’ll up-level your possibilities real quick.

And it doesn’t matter where you’re starting from.

Showing up FOR yourself and AS yourself doesn't have to feel overwhelming.


This is your invitation into what is a super fun and potent way to get to where you want to go:


My 3-month coaching container that's rooted in the fundamental question:


This work helps high-impact folks build the things they would if they weren't worried about their failure and other's thoughts about them.

You'll master the tools of dealing with all the stuff that had been "interrupting" you before - doubt, insecurity, feeling inadequate - to expand into the YOU that's ready to take up space to build more of the things you care about.

This Work changes the way you see yourself. It changes the way you move through life.

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The biggest transformation was being able to come into a place where I have embodied, and in my mind recognized, all the different parts of me that make me whole. I love that we didn't need to dig into the trauma of it all. I feel like there's a sense of ease to this work compared to all the “change is hard”, “healing is hard” rhetoric. The opportunity that this gave me was that it's it doesn't need to be hard. And you deserve to create long lasting change without having to continue to hurt yourself.What surprised me the most is - going to therapy, you don't laugh that much - most of the time, I'm just crying. Working with you - we laugh a shit ton. And yes, there are profound moments I have cried in sessions with you. But it's not like deep soul sucking crying. It's more like, like a gentle, really warm kind of release. And we get these super profound results that do feel more long lasting than whenever I have had breakthroughs in therapy. I’d recommend you to anyone who thinks that they're weird. Because you just have such a broad perspective. I think you have the capacity to hold really weird people. And I think you've got a really genuine sense of cheerleader attitude. Like, “You got this”, but it doesn't feel like pressure. It's not pushy. Yet, you get me going. So, I think for someone like myself who’s always steered away from goals - I hate goals, and you love goals - I feel like you can meet us there. It’s just like, “Let's take another step, a little step”.

-Mayumi N.

Here's the core of my approach:

Everything done with repetition, felt with repetition, or thought with repetition creates a habituated pattern in the brain.

As one of my teachers and mentors Melissa Tiers puts it - it's like a road that's nice and wide and that you've gone down many times. The thing you call depression, anxiety, imposter syndrome, people pleasing, fear of rejection, etc. - is nothing but a habit.

My work essentially consists of putting roadblocks up and creating alternative pathways for the brain to take.

That's a different way of saying - we reprogram the brain.


You’re labeling them something much bigger and broader than they actually are. Truth is you kinda like them and don’t entirely want to go of them (yep, feeling like a victim has its perks). But what it really boils down to is this:

There are moments in your life when you feel less than you want to feel. And how you feel in those moments can be permanently changed.

And it’s this integrative change work that enables you to step into new levels pretty fast.

Here’s what you leave with after working with me:

You will be able to show up comfortably as YOU.

You're 84% less impressed with your self-doubt and spiraling thoughts about what ”they” will think. It's not that thoughts like “I’m not good enough” and “But I’m not successful enough yet” won’t still pop up. It’s that you now find them pretty boring. In fact, quite the opposite - you now want to show more of YOU, exactly as you are.

You will be able to compellingly articulate the value of what you do.

You've cut down your “I don’t know how to talk about my work” - ”I’m too multi-faceted, I don’t know where to fit in” - drama by 89%. “People won’t get it”. “I don’t know how to market”, “I don’t know how to sell” aren't interesting thoughts anymore. Instead, you now enjoy playing with expressing different angles of he value of your work and inviting people in.

You will be able to take BIG steps into new levels that you hadn’t thought possible for you.

No more analysis paralysis and not making moves because you’re “stuck”. You're dealing with 98% less indecision and “I don’t know whether it’s the right step”. You're definitely done and dusted with “That will never work”. Curiosity and experimentation over controlled certainty means you now delight in making bold choices in your business & your life.

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I would recommend you to the kind of person who sees success everywhere else. And feels frustrated that they're not getting what they feel they deserve or what they feel they've worked for. Because they're not sure what's missing.  

And then there's a sense that, “This is not for me, clearly, it's not for me, because I've been trying or I've been hoping and wanting, and everyone else is having it”.  

To people who are noticing this tension playing out in jealousy in self-doubt, and criticism in like feeling defeated in their business. Who know what they want, but also are getting to the point where knowing what you want is so painful, you don't really want to look at it, because you just don't know how to bridge that gap.  

To that kind of person, I would say: Ijeoma saw things in me and my way of thinking and approaching marketing in my business that helped me relax around it, that helped me laugh about it, that helped me come up with ideas and bridge the gap, and I took action.

-Hannah F.

This is NOT for you if you

DON'T have a particular goal you are pursuing; this container is not designed for an open-ended exploration of “I don’t know”.

LIKE COMPLAINING, don’t like trying new things, don’t like to be challenged, and are not willing to put in the work.

WANT to stay within your realm of comfort.

WANT to be told what decisions to make.

ARE looking for quick external fixes instead of solid inner shifts towards self-responsibility.

DON'T seek to make a positive impact in the world with your work.

This IS for you if you

ARE sick of hiding behind the excuse of not knowing how to get it done.

ARE tired of your procrastination.

ARE done with your insecurity of fully showing up as the next-level YOU.

FEEL like exploding – that’s how much you care about your work and the impact you want to make.

ARE filled with shame about your visibility fears keeping your dreams in cages.

ARE filled with fear of death-bed regrets ABOUT never having taken the leap and not having lived fully.

ARE disappointed in yourself for still not having taken the necessary steps.

FEEL pumped knowing that if only you managed to pull this off, the ripple-out would be epic.

HAVE read all the self-HELP & business books, listened to all the podcasts, joined your favorite biz membership, yet you’re here.

ARE excited to discover just how much of the mindf*ck is shaping your decision making.

LOOOVE to take on a good challenge.

WANT to become someone who takes full responsibility for their circumstances.

ARE ready to be audacious and step into new ways of BEing.

DEEPLY DESIRE to live into the next iteration of you who creates and builds and takes up even more space.

ARE eager to show up more as YOU.


My favorite things about working with you are how clear you are direct into the point you are. You're really good at cutting through layers of narrative and story and like bringing back to the point. So that change can actually happen in that space, rather than they're getting lost in narrative.  

I was feeling very confused about what I wanted my offer to look like. And I thought that I had an idea of what I needed it to be, but it was still very murky. And I remember leaving a session with - this is gonna sound weird - but with a blank slate, which is actually what I really needed.  

Because I needed to let go of the thing that I'd been holding on to thinking it was going to kind of solve all my problems. And actually, I was holding on to it for the wrong reasons. Yeah. And you allowed me to see that it was okay to put it down because it wasn't feeling good. I left with so much more spaciousness to then be able to explore the possibility of work would be really enjoyable and fun for me to do.

I would recommend you to people who want to cut through the bullshit. So, people who are feeling like they don't know how to create clarity and they feel like they are unable to see the path forward. Because you can help them get there.  

-Giulia M.

When you hire me as your coach,

I am your peer - I'm not above you or below you, I’m right beside you.

I'm your forever annoying kick in the butt.

I’m curious about you.

I hold space for the parts of you that you want to hide.

I won't let you get away with your BS.

I support the parts of you that have felt heavy to carry on your own.

I help you see the unintentional beliefs that had been holding you back.

I don't tell what choices to make.

I help you design personal systems to anchor back into your commitment to your process whenever you go off course.

I guide you to the truest most powerful parts of yourself.

The most surprising thing about working with you was realizing what happens in your body in certain moments and that you can change that experience. It was discovering fresh feelings and having new experiences. Basically, living the same situations differently.  I started to combine my mind and my heart together. I was able to make this big decision, this choice. I decided to give myself this new chance. I now have enough trust in myself that I can allow myself to try again.

I would recommend Ijeoma to a person who has a lot in their minds and wants clarity. To get new views on a problem. A person who wants to change but hasn’t been able to find a way. But they really want to change. I’d also add ladies in their 30s and 40s who’ve had some experience in life and know exactly what they want and what not.

-Xiaofang L.

What happens once I book a call?

1. You will get an email confirmation and a calendar invitation with the link for our video call
2. This email will include a little surprise to get you started
3. On the day and time agreed, we hold the 60 minute initial consultation that will give us the space to i. determine fit, and ii. go over any details you might want to know more about
4. We both decide whether working with me is the right next move for you.
5. If we’re both a full-body YES, two things happen: i. we fix a date for our kick-off call, and ii. you receive contract + invoice (payable within 48 hours). If not, I may be able to refer you out
6. Either way, your expansion begins
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